Up and coming public events


Public Running Days 2018 

Please note No advanced tickets are available or required for all our open days except Santa Special (See below). Entry is just 1.80 per person and all rides are just 1.80 each. All children 3 and under get in and ride for free. For rides children 3 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

March Sunday 18th - 1pm to 5pm
April Sunday 1st - Easter Bank Holiday - 1pm to 5pm
April Monday 2nd - Easter Bank Holiday - 1pm to 5pm
April Sunday 29th - 1pm to 5pm
May Sunday 27th - Spring Bank Holiday - 1pm to 5pm
May Monday 28th - Spring Bank Holiday - 1pm to 5pm
June Sunday 24th - 1pm to 5pm
July Sunday 22nd - 1pm to 5pm
August Sunday 26th - Summer Bank Holiday - 1pm to 5pm
August Monday 27th - Summer Bank Holiday - 1pm to 5pm
September Sunday 23rd - 1pm to 5pm (SANTA SPECIAL TICKETS ON SALE)
October Sunday 14th - 1pm to 5pm

December Sunday 9th - 11.00am to 4pm - SANTA SPECIAL - (BY TICKET ONLY) Children 10 each - Adults 4 each

Please note Santa Special tickets go on sale at 1pm on our openday in September. Every year without fail they have sold out within hours and people on the same day find they are disappointed. The only way to buy tickets is to turn up in person on this day.

If you wish to purchase tickets, you NEED to be there for at least 1pm to get in to the queue. Once sold out it is very very rare that we get cancellations.

Two questions we are often asked once people miss out on tickets

1. Why can't you run longer on the day?

We can only get a certain amount of children into Santa's grotto in the allotted time frame for the volunteers to be able to cope with and we can only run in daylight hours. It takes a few hours before we open at 11am to prepare for the day. Very stringent safety checks for the track and locomotives, as well as food and drink preparation.

2. Why can't you have second day for another Santa Special?

As the day is run by volunteers and more than normal open days, we just cannot offer a second day for Santa Special as we just cannot get enough volunteers for two weekend days in December. It could change in the future if we grow in size as a society.