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The Heath Park Miniature Railways and Tramway are situated in the beautiful Heath Park, slightly north of the NHS University Hospital of Wales (Heath Hospital). One visitor to the facility said to us this is the 'Hidden Jewel of Cardiff', so peaceful and safe.

Every month we have opened for Mums, Dads & Children of all ages (all the way up to very mature), for them to enjoy and relax for an inexpensive day out riding the trains and trams in an enclosed safe environment. Refreshments being available from our (Hygine Rating 5) BBQ, Pullman Buffet and Ice Cream cabin. A wide range of of toys and souvenirs are available from our Station Gift Shop where cold drinks and confectionary are also available, giving our younger visitors an opportunity to experience 'shopping' for sweets costing pence.

We invite visits from schools and various children's charities to attend private running days. Including Noah's Ark and latterly the Chernobyl children, among others. Scouts, Cubs and Beavers are all regular visitors and always for all of these groups free of charge.



We maintain a lecture room with video audio facilities, and an extensive library which specialise in Heritage, Scientific and Engineering subjects. At least 12 times a year we hold talks on a broad range of heritage, environment, engineering and other related matters free to anyone wanting to attend.

We support colleges and universities in a number of research projects. They give up to the minute presentations on some of the lecture nights.

Our volunteers' range in skills and age and provide untold help for the younger, up and coming generations of engineers and scientists.

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