Cardiff Model Engineering Society
The Cardiff Model Engineering Society, until recently The Whitchurch (Cardiff) and District Model Engineering Society, was founded in 1948. In the early years meetings were held in a variety of locations in or around Cardiff, and it wasn't until 1967 that the Society took possession of a permanent site in Cardiff, on which a clubhouse, workshop and live steam passenger-carrying track were constructed.

In 1971 work commenced on the construction of an 18" gauge tramway, complete with overhead power supply, and the first tram, a one-third model to the "toast-rack" design and capable of carrying six passengers was constructed in our own workshop. A second tram, with accommodation for up to fourteen persons, was built in 1975.

In 1987 the society moved to it's present site in Heath Park, Cardiff, and built a large clubhouse with toilets, catering facilities, a well equipped workshop and a "00" room which accommodates the "Whitchurch Road" layout, on permanent display. the clubhouse also provides a depot for the two trams which now operate on a 500 feet out-and-back track, and a large room for general storage. Two independent live-steam passenger-carrying tracks have been built, each approximately 1000 feet in circumference. The raised track accommodates 3.5" and 5" gauge locomotives, the ground level track accommodates 5" and 7.25" locomotives. Each track has it's own station, and both tracks are fully signalled from the signal box. Several sidings, a turntable, traverser systems and steaming bays equipped with both compressed air and electric power for blowers are available.

An external 16mm and Gauge One Narrow-Gage layout is currently under construction and partially in operation during the summer months, weather permitting.

Although the predominant interest is live steam locomotives the society promotes and encourages all forms of engineering in miniature, including electric locomotives, traction engines, stationary, marine, and areo engines etc. The club facilities are available to members at all times. The live-steam railways and the tramway are open to the public for rides on published Open Days, and the "00" layout and the 16mmNG layout also operate on Open Days.

The Society also exhibits at model engineering and model railway exhibitions from time to time, and on an annual basis entertains parties of children from the Chernobyl area of Belorussia, under-privileged children in co-operation with a Cardiff Rotary Club, and supports the Lord Mayor of Cardiff on his annual Charity day.